Christina’s Graduation

by susankda

I drink my coffee each morning from cups that proudly proclaim the names of the colleges that our kids attend. This morning, as I took my Brown University mug from the cabinet, I was thinking about Christina and how in the second grade, she had decided that she would go to an Ivy League School. She and her best friend proudly wore tiny little Oxford University tees to proclaim their commitment to this magnificent dream. Years later we travelled from our home in South Florida to tour the colleges of the north east, where the architecture of the Ivy League schools fills you with a sense of belonging to something grand; something time worn and traditional and yet a place where traditions are constantly challenged by curious and innovative minds. Yesterday we watched Christina receive her degree from Brown University at a ceremony that was both light hearted and awe inspiring. The pride I feel for her is bigger than the words I have at my command. I know it has been a hard road and she has still many challenges ahead, but to have a goal, work towards it and see it accomplished is so huge and so very satisfying. So, as I sip coffee from my Brown University mug this morning I am smiling at the memory of little Christina in her Oxford tee! You did it Chris, you are amazing and I love you!

Susan D. Abello